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Why more and more people are choosing small breed dogs

Why more and more people are choosing small breed dogs

Small breed dogs are on the rise! 

Not literally of course, but market researchers Euromonitor predict that small breeds will account for a 59% share of the total dog population in 2022.

Why are increasing numbers of people choosing small breeds dogs?

Well, one theory is that it is down to practicality. Smaller homes, urbanisation and rented accommodation can all impact our lifestyle choices. For many dog lovers, it simply isn’t practical to have larger breed dog due to lack of open and living space, and restrictions on the types of pet which are allowed in rented accommodation.

Financial pressures also play a part

It’s not difficult to do the maths on this one. A small breed dog such as a chihuahua will need as little as 25g of food per day where a larger breed may consume up to eight times this total! Flea treatments, vet procedures, grooming and other forms of pet care also have price-tags which increase with the weight of the dog.

Here comes the science bit – how a small breed dog differs to a large breed. 

Small breed dogs actually have different nutritional needs to those of large breeds, other than the need for a smaller kibble size. 

Small breeds have faster metabolisms and a greater ratio of body surface area to body weight. This means they have much higher energy requirements per kilogram of body weight and so require a more calorie rich, nutrient-dense food.

Due to a small breed dog’s smaller stomach, it’s important to feed a small breed diet that has is designed to support their nutritional requirements and provide everything they need in a smaller portion. 

If you have a small breed dog, we recommend our small breed Our Grain-Free Small Breed Chicken,  Lamb and salmon recipes have been formulated with a higher level of crude protein and crude fat compared to our standard adult recipes. This helps to provide a higher calorie content to support elevated energy requirements of small breeds.

Our small breed recipes also contain high quality and highly digestible freshly prepared proteins. High digestibility is especially important for small breeds to ensure ease of digestion on their small tummies. And of course, all recipes have a smaller kibble size help to keep small mouths happy.

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