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Why go grain free?

Why go grain free?

We Provide Grain Free Pet Food

At We Love Nutrition we provide a range of pet foods for cats and dogs, including a grain free range. The trend for grain free pet foods has grown alongside the human trend for gluten-free and paleo diets, but this way of feeding both dogs and cats is more than just a fad.

Here’s why:

More of the good stuff

Grain free dog and cat foods tend to have more meat and protein content than their grain inclusive counterparts. While all of our complete foods are perfectly balanced, our grain-free range contains our highest percentage of freshly prepared meats. This approach to pet food is gentle on stomachs and great for dogs and cats of all ages.

Meaty by design?

Since the start of their domestication, our dogs’ tums have adapted to live alongside humans and eat an omnivorous diet of both meat and grains. However, some of our four-legged pals are more suited to this than others. The British Veterinary Association reported up to 70% of non-routine vet appointments were relating to allergies, most commonly due to dairy, particular proteins guessed it...grains. If your pet has a sensitive disposition, a grain free option could be the right choice for you.

Grain-Free for a healthy gut

Our grain-free range includes a prebiotic. Prebiotics support the growth of probiotics, helping to keep bad bacteria under control. Prebiotics help to support the growth of good bacteria, to prevent disease, enhance the immune system and improve digestion and nutrient absorption.

The proof is in the poop

Feeders of a grain free diet often report a reduction in wind, improved breath odour, as well as smaller and less odorous stools.

 Browse our range of grain-free complete foods for cat and dogs.



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