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Why does my older dog need a senior food?

Why does my older dog need a senior food?

Senior dog foods

Senior dog foods are pet foods designed with the nutritional needs of older dogs in mind. As your dog gets older, they may become less active, may gain fat and lose muscle. If this sounds like your dog pal, you may want to consider switching to a senior diet.

What’s different about it?

At We Love Nutrition, our senior dog foods are lower calorie than our adult and puppy recipes but contain the required amount of fibre to give the satisfying feeling of fullness after each meal.

Our senior recipes include a joint care pack - a special combination of ingredients formulated to look after the joints and cartilage which can become stiff and sore in later life.

Another key ingredient you may find in our senior recipes is L Carnitine. This is a provitamin known to promote lean muscle mass and can also be found in some of our light recipes.

An Omega 3 supplement is included in the recipe to help aid cognitive function

We also include prebiotics MOS and FOS to help maintain a healthy digestive system.

But my dog is still super fit and active!

As with humans - age is just a number. Particularly with a species as diverse as dogs, being ‘senior’ can occur at different times depending on lifestyle, breed and activity levels. Here at WLN we tend to class over 7 as senior, but this won’t be the case for every dog.

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