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Which food is right for my dog?

Which food is right for my dog?

Feel Overwhelmed buying Pet Food

Choosing a pet food can be overwhelming. With so many different diets and options available, deciding on the best food for your dog be a tricky and confusing task!

Let We Love Nutrition break it down for you

Grain Free, Super Premium or Hypoallergenic?

Grain Free Dog Food

Our Grain Free Range has the highest meat content of all of our foods and includes freshly prepared proteins and wholesome fruits and vegetables. This range contains up to 60% meat and is perfect for dogs that may suffer from intolerances to grains and cereals but is also great for pet owners wishing to feed their dog high meat, high quality complete diet.

This grain and gluten free range has options to suit all breed sizes and life stages.


Available in:

Puppy - up to one year

Large breed puppy - up to 18 months

Adult - Up to 7 years

Large breed adult - Up to 7 years

Extra-large breed adult - Up to 7 years

Small breed adult - up to 7 years

Senior - 7 years+

Adult and Senior light - for adults and seniors requiring a lower calorie diet

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