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What causes bad breath in dogs?

What causes bad breath in dogs?

Much as we love our canine companions, bad breath is not one of their most endearing traits. While some dogs may not experience this rather whiffy issue, recent research of 2000 dog owners in the UK revealed that over half believed their dogs suffer from bad breath.

But why? 

While some of the owners surveyed put the issue down to what they had eaten, bad breath in dogs can also be a sign of health problems such as dental disease and a build-up of bacteria that can spread throughout the immune system.

Perhaps rather worryingly, the same amount of owners thought it was a normal occurrence for their dog to have bad breath despite it being a possible symptom of poor health.

So what can you do if your dog has bad breath?

It is very important that a dog’s dental hygiene is kept healthy. If not a dog could suffer from dental plaque, tooth abscesses and also difficulty eating.

If you feel your dog may be suffering from poor dental hygiene, visit your vet for a check-up. They will be able to advise you on the best ways to tackle the problem, and also check that your dog’s bad breath is not a symptom of something more serious 

Of course, we still want to treat our dogs, but fortunately, you don’t have to cut out the treats altogether. Our dental functional treats have been created to help reduce tartar build-up and promote good oral health, as well as containing peppermint that aims to neutralise bad breath.


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